SectionDeductee Nature of TransactionThreshold Limit (Rs)TDS Rate
192Resident, Non-ResidentPayment of SalaryBasic exemption limitNormal slab rates
192AResident, Non-ResidentPremature Withdrawal from EPF50,00010% rate of TDS if PAN is provided.
If EPF withdrawal is made without a PAN, the applicable rate is 20%.
193ResidentInterest on securities250010% budget 2023: The exemption of TDS on interest from listed debentures has been removed. Therefore, tax has to be deducted on the interest on such specified securities.
194AResidentInterest from other than interest from securities (from deposits bank/post office/ co-operative society)Senior Citizens- 50,000 Others-40,00010% for both
194AResidentInterest from other than interest on securities and interest on bank deposits.5,00010%
194BResident, Non-ResidentIncome from lottery winnings, puzzles, crosswords, card games and other games of any type10,00030%
194BAResident, Non-ResidentIncome from online gamesNil30%
194BBResident, Non-ResidentIncome from horse race winning10,00030%
194CResidentPayment to Contractor/ Sub-contractorSingle transaction- 30,000
Aggregate transactions- 1,00,000
HUF/Individuals: 1%
Others: 2%
194DResidentInsurance commission to:
a) Domestic Companies15,00010%
b) Individuals15,0005%
194DAResidentIncome for the Insurance Pay-out, While Payment of any sum in respect of a life insurance policy1,00,0005%
194ENR Sport men, NR Sports Association, NR EntertainerPayment to non-resident sports association/ sportsmenNo limit20% The rate will be subject to an additional surcharge and 4% cess.
194EEResident, Non-Resident National Savings Scheme2,50010%
194FPayment for the re-purchase of the unit by Mutual Fund or UTINo specified limit20%
194GResident, Non-ResidentPayments, Commission on the sale of lottery tickets15,0005%
194HResidentCommission or brokerage on other 15,0005%
194-IResidentRent :
194-I(a)Rent on plant and machinery2,40,0002%
194-I(b) Rent on land/building/furniture/fitting2,40,00010%
194-IAResidentPayment on transfer of immovable property except agricultural land50,00,0001%
194-IBResidentRent paid by HUF/Individual who is not required to conduct tax audit50,000 per month5%
194-ICResidentPayment under JDA, Joint Development AgreementsNo specified limit10
194JResidentFees paid for –
– Technical services
– Royalty in nature of consideration for sale, Exhibition of cinematographic films
– Operation of the call center.

194JResidentFees paid for any other professional services or technical service30,00010%
194JResidentPaid for Remuneration/Fee/Commission to a Director 30,00010%
194LAResidentCompensation on acquiring certain an immovable property2,50,00010%
194MResidentPayment of Individual / HUF commission except income tax commission under Section 194C, 194H, and 194J50,00,0005%
194NResident, Non-ResidentCash withdrawal exceeding a certain amount Co-Operative
Society: 3Crore
Others: 1Crore

194NResident, Non-ResidentCash withdrawal from multiple bank accounts during the previous year
Amount exceeding 1 crore1 crore2%

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